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The Olympus Academy Trust – Overview for 2016-17

A great deal has happened over the summer so the start of the new school year feels like an appropriate time to provide an update on behalf of The Olympus Academy Trust.  The Trust has grown from 4 schools to 7 schools as of 1st September 2016.  Callicroft, Filton Hill and Stoke Lodge Primary Schools have all joined Abbeywood Community School, Bradley Stoke Community School, Charborough Road Primary and Meadowbrook Primary School as members of The Olympus Academy Trust which is now responsible for over 550 staff and 4000 learners.  Welcome to any parents and children who are joining the Trust for the first time, either because you are associated with one of the schools joining the Trust or because you have started at one of the other member schools.  We hope that being associated with Olympus will be a very positive experience for you in the weeks, months and years ahead and we look forward to getting to know you during that time.

We will provide regular updates for all involved with the Trust via school newsletters and also via the Trust website: www.olympustrust.co.uk (where you can find a lot of background information about the Trust).  I do not want to overload you with information in the first week of term but there are some important updates to share which I have listed below:

Start of Term:
We had 2 days of staff training, including a session for (almost) all 550 staff within the Trust on 1st September, before we welcomed learners into school this week for the start of their term.  As ever, there has been building and maintenance work and decoration taking place in most schools during the holidays and we have had a change of catering providers in most of the Trust’s schools which will have a very positive impact once the systems have settled and everyone is used to some new ways of doing things.  We have presented commemorative welcome plaques to each school joining the Trust this week and hope that being Olympus Academy Trust members will shortly feel normal!

Trust Structure:
Given the growth of the Trust to 7 schools, we appointed 2 part-time Executive Headteachers (2 days a week each) for 2016-17 at the end of the summer term.  Richard Clark, previously CEO and Executive Headteacher of Cosmos Academy Trust, will combine overall leadership of Stoke Lodge Primary with an Executive Headteacher role for the Trust and Claire Banks will combine her overall leadership of St Werburghs Primary in Bristol with an Executive Headteacher role for the Trust, having supported the Trust’s primary schools as an external consultant for the last year or so.  I will work with both Richard and Claire to give support to all the schools and to provide overall leadership for the Trust.  All schools still have a Headteacher or Associate Headteacher who is responsible for the day to day running of the school but with additional support from the Trust.

We are not yet large enough as a Trust to work exclusively in local hubs but because of our proximity (all schools are within 3 miles of one another), we will start to provide support services for the primaries in north and south geographical groups i.e. Callicroft, Meadowbrook and Stoke Lodge together and Charborough Road and Filton Hill together.  This will ensure that all the primary schools have access to specialist finance and business support as well as HR and premises expertise.

Richard Clark will lead support for Bradley Stoke, Callicroft, Charborough Road and Filton Hill and Claire Banks will lead support for Abbeywood, Meadowbrook and Stoke Lodge, working closely with each school’s Headteacher to provide additional leadership capacity, but we will still work together on many aspects to share best practice and support one another.  We are in the process of visiting all schools at the start of term to review the priorities for support and development.

We will be launching our new Board of Directors in the next week.  The Board has a committee structure to address the detail of how the Trust operates.  In addition, each school has its own local governing body to focus on well-being and educational outcomes for its community.  I have provided details of the Board of Directors below and imagine you will be interested to hear that several members of the Board are also parents of learners in schools within the Trust.

The Olympus Academy Trust Board of Directors:

 Name School
Dave Baker                      CEO                         
Mike Fry Filton Hill
Phil Haslett Bradley Stoke
Issy Marsden Abbeywood
Estee Mockridge Independent
Rayhana Rahman Abbeywood
Paul Roberts Stoke Lodge
Richard Sloan Independent
Bob Smyth Independent
Paul Tanner Independent
Mike Turney Stoke Lodge
Sarah Williams Charborough Road  
Tim Williams Bradley Stoke

Thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.  We will provide more information in the coming weeks.  Claire, Richard and I will look forward to seeing you in due course and hope that the term has started well for you.


Dave Baker                                                 Claire Banks                                        Richard Clark
CEO, The Olympus Academy Trust      Executive Headteacher                     Executive Headteacher