Olympus Academy Trust

Will Ferris, Headteacher

New Head from the Aspiring Heads Programme

I have worked in a range of different schools from North Somerset to London. I always aspired to be a Head and I was given the opportunity to temporarily act up as Headteacher whilst working at my previous school, The Manor C of E Primary School.  Whilst working at The Manor, my Head brought the North Avon Teaching School Alliance (NATSA) Aspiring Heads course to my attention. I attended with her full support and having completed the course I then applied for the position of  Headteacher at Stoke Lodge Primary School, part of the Olympus Academy Trust.

My role at Stoke Lodge Primary School is challenging and demanding but I absolutely love every second of it! There are highs and lows leading a school and you need to develop broad shoulders, stay true to your values and beliefs. However, when you see teaching and learning improving each day, when you hear feedback from your community and most importantly when you stand on the school gates, teach a lesson or lead assembly with 400 young people and over thirty members of staff and are able to make a difference, it reminds me that this is truly the best job in the world.

“Working within the Trust allows me to constantly develop and refine my understanding of teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment and leadership”

Working as part of the Olympus Academy Trust has taken my knowledge of pedagogy to another level. I am able to work within a number of networks, receive support from members of the central team to develop teaching and learning within my school, but also challenge which helps me to be the best Head I possibly can be.

As a new Headteacher, I am so lucky to receive expert support in a range of areas. From budget and finance, to premises and HR, this support has been invaluable in my success to date and it allows me to get down to the business of teaching and learning.