Olympus Academy Trust

Primary School Council

The Olympus Academy Trust Primary School Council was established in Dec 2019 and is made up of two pupil representatives from Y5 in each primary school.

School representatives are elected by each school, and link directly to their School Council processes.

The Primary School Council meets once a term and the aims are:

  • to provide a forum for all pupils in Trust primary schools to have a voice and the opportunity to shape their learning experience whilst they are at primary school
  • to value the thoughts, opinions and ideas of all the children across Trust primary schools
  • to develop collaboration through a Trust-wide learning project.

At the meeting the children discuss what is working well at their school and what other schools are doing that they would like to see at their school

They discuss what is happening at their school to help children maintain a healthy life-style and sense of well-being, and debate ideas for a primary school-wide learning project. An idea for an eco club is being developed for the cross-schools project, but along with regular meetings this is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Olympus Academy Trust Primary Council is chaired by Sarah Williams, the Primary Lead Trustee, with support from other members of the Trust Board.

Minutes are taken and report made to the Board of Trustees.