Olympus Academy Trust

Working in Partnership

Success through partnership

By working in partnership our schools enjoy additional opportunities for the benefit of staff, students and the local community.

By sharing best practice and enhancing access to expertise, we are enriching our students’ experiences and providing them with an innovative educational offer for success in the 21stcentury.

Staff working together

Working together in a formal partnership means that staff can share examples of best teaching practice.

Staff also meet to plan and train together on a regular basis with coordinated training dates taking place between the schools. The Trust is committed to ensuring the highest quality of staff are recruited, trained and rewarded so that our students benefit from outstanding teaching at all levels and our staff benefit from a rewarded personal development plan and CPD opportunities.


Opportunities for staff

The Olympus Academy Trust offers a broad range of training opportunities for our staff. These include:

  • The Early Career Framework using the Ambition Institute’s full induction programme for those members of staff in years 1 – 2 of their career
  • Access to The Leadership Academy – which features a range of training programmes focused around career progression and leadership development, as well as courses that help to develop classroom practice (such as Metacognition sessions and using neuroscience to improve learning). We also provide training on how to improve behaviour and attendance.
  • A range of networks across our schools (including a SENCO forum and a Teaching and Learning leads group)
  • The opportunities to shadow members of staff from schools within the Trust

Opportunities for students

Students across our member schools will have opportunities to learn together, receive lessons from other teachers and attend visits with peers from other schools.


Schools joining The Olympus Academy Trust benefit from:

  • Wider access to specialist teachers and experts in particular fields;
  • Access to academic specialisms in humanities, languages and performing arts in two 21st century schools with outstanding facilities;
  • More opportunities for students in terms of out of school clubs and activities, and meeting the needs of particular groups of students such as those who are gifted and talented and those who have additional learning needs.
  • Two way, peer sharing of expertise and resources to maximise the impact of staff training; creating enhanced student experience and opportunities ; raising standards and outcomes for all
  • Potential to develop innovative leadership and succession planning opportunities that would not otherwise exist
  • Board of Directors’ commitment and expertise in ensuring delivery of the shared vision including oversight of student progress and attainment against targets
  • Shared governance and leadership to ensure accountability for maintaining/improving academic performance
  • Economies of scale through the opportunity to streamline some support functions so they are efficient and cost-effective and increase our joint negotiating powers when purchasing or agreeing contracts for services; this will release more money to support teaching and learning.


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